Friday, April 18, 2008

Last Year IWEC

So, last year Del Val hosted the IWEC competition and I was fortunate enough to make the team and compete against the other countries that traveled all the way to America. In the picture above you can see all the students who participated with their respected flags. The teams consisted of Germany, The Netherlands, Canada, Great Britain, Italy and of course the USA.

In this picture I am riding my horse Image in the show jumping part of the competition. I was so lucky to draw him!!!

Delaware Valley College has an exchange program with Hartbury College in Britain so four years ago it was only a competition between the two of us but now it has expanded to more countries. Even though there are more of us now we have tried to keep the original competition alive so there are two teams. One that competes against all the countries and one that competes only against the British team, we call it the Delary Dish competition. ( that is the team I was on)
In both competitions there are three phases... Dressage, Show Jumping and a written test. Last year we ended up 1st in the Delary Dish and 2nd in the larger competition.

This is a picture of Kaitlyn, one of the members of the larger competition, riding Bold during her show jumping round

Tractor Rally In Trenton, NJ

One of the requirements of our school is that we attend events that are relevant to the equine industry and agriculture. Local farmers in New Jersey have been concerned that our Governor has made a proposal to eliminate funding to the New Jersey Department of Agriculture. So as an "educated agricultural" student I decided to become involved and attend a scheduled protest in Trenton to insure that agriculture in New Jersey will not be over looked. Farmers from all over New Jersey brought tractors and livestock to our state capital in Trenton. For those of you who are not familiar with Trenton...lets just say that tractors and livestock are not part of the usual city landscape!

I spent the day with fellow students and farmers and I can say for sure that our state assembly got a small picture of the passion behind farming in the Garden State. I have never been a part of any political action group before and I am proud that I was there to help make sure that the farmers made their concerns known. I have made many friends of students that have family farms across the East Coast and I now realize how hard it is for that industry to maintain their income and traditions. I think we need to thank the farmers across the country for all the work they do and the contributions that they make for all of us.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Email Sent out to the Student Body

Dear College Community,

Delaware Valley College has been invited to represent the United States at an Intercollegiate International World Equestrian Cup (IWEC). Four students compete on each team and earn points for their team based on their performance in show jumping, dressage, and a written horse knowledge examination. This year the competition will take place in Holland, Europe from May 28th through June 1st.

The Equine Studies Program hosted tryouts to select the team of four riders best suited to represent the United States in the IWEC. Riders where evaluated by a panel of Equine Studies faculty members on their dressage, show jumping, and equine knowledge. The Equine Studies Program is fortune to have numerous athletic and talented horses to provide a means for testing riders in preparation for competing in Europe. The judging panel was impressed by the caliber of riders and their ability to make the horses perform, which made it difficult to choose just four students to represent Delaware Valley College. We encourage those students who did not make the team this year to tryout again next year.

Please congratulate the following students on their appointment to the DVC International Horse Show Team:

Sara Gumbiner (That's ME!!!!!) :D

Kaitlyn McLaughlin

Devan McNamera

Chantal Plank

Thank you for your continuous support of the equestrian endeavors of Delaware Valley College. The team appreciates any donations for funding their trip overseas. If you are interesting in making a donation, please contact Mr. Angelo Telatin at .


Angelo Telatin

Equine Studies Faculty

Coach, International Intercollegiate Team

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

California Here We Come!!!!

It is finally the day of the show and we have four of our own riders that are competing to go to nationals in LA, California. I am one of the four!!! :) The first and second place riders of every class qualify for nationals so I am hoping that I will ride well enough to be put into the top two.

When it’s my turn to ride I draw JR, one of our horses that I don't usually get along with. I am literally shaking in my boots as I stand at the gate waiting to go in. I have not been this nervous about a show in a long time.

I focus on every jump, doing my best to hit every spot and every lead. I end up with one wrong lead and I try to change it before the second jump but JR trips! Thank goodness the second jump still comes up smooth. So now it just depends on how the others do I suppose.

After all of the other competitors jump, the judge calls back three numbers for a ride off...I am one of the three!!! This means that only two of us will advance to nationals, so it is imperative that I ride the test well. The test starts with a short approach to the first jump, then proceeds to a roll back. Then we are instructed to halt facing the wall. Next, broken line to an oxer and end by promptly leaving the ring at a walk. My round was smooth b
ut I ended with the wrong lead and I was slow to come back to the walk at the end of my test so…. to state the obvious I am worried that I would not move to nationals.

Getting Tips From the Founder of IHSA, Bob Cacchione, after my ride

Then, all of the riders are called to the middle of the ring. They call places 8th through 4th and I start to cross my fingers and pray. When 3rd place is called it’s not me! I AM GOING TO NATIONALS!!!!! I have placed second in the class- probably due to my wrong lead and late walk but that’s OK because I have another shot!!!

Two of our other Delaware Valley riders also advanced to nationals. A Freshman who is competing in Walk/Trot/Canter, and a Junior who is competing in Intermediate Flat. I will be competing in Intermediate Over Fences. Wish us luck and I will keep you posted! And good luck to all the other IHSA riders out there….we’ll see you in California!

Hosting Zones

Our Zone 3 horse show is approaching quickly and we have very little time and a whole lot to do!Delaware Valley College is hosting Zones this year so it is up to us to make sure that the facility is ready for all four regions to compete. There are 51 schools in our Zone so there will easily be 40 schools competing. The furthest school is traveling six hours from Buffalo NY!
There has been a lot of planning that has been taking place from figuring what horses to use and how many we need to bring in, to designing the jump courses to be difficult but also ride smoothly. The biggest obstacle that we have run into this year has been finding a landscaper to decorate our jumps...for FREE. Ha Ha yea so you can imagine that most companies aren't going to love that idea. It has quickly become my problem, four days before the show to find nurseries that will donate or lend plants to the school to help make our course presentable. Fortunately there are a few places in the area that were incredibly kind and let us use their plants for the day. We arrived at the barn at 10:00am and didn't leave until 9:05pm, so it was a very long day but
the place looks great, especially for having spent no money at all!!