Friday, April 18, 2008

Last Year IWEC

So, last year Del Val hosted the IWEC competition and I was fortunate enough to make the team and compete against the other countries that traveled all the way to America. In the picture above you can see all the students who participated with their respected flags. The teams consisted of Germany, The Netherlands, Canada, Great Britain, Italy and of course the USA.

In this picture I am riding my horse Image in the show jumping part of the competition. I was so lucky to draw him!!!

Delaware Valley College has an exchange program with Hartbury College in Britain so four years ago it was only a competition between the two of us but now it has expanded to more countries. Even though there are more of us now we have tried to keep the original competition alive so there are two teams. One that competes against all the countries and one that competes only against the British team, we call it the Delary Dish competition. ( that is the team I was on)
In both competitions there are three phases... Dressage, Show Jumping and a written test. Last year we ended up 1st in the Delary Dish and 2nd in the larger competition.

This is a picture of Kaitlyn, one of the members of the larger competition, riding Bold during her show jumping round


At Tue Jul 08, 09:16:00 AM GMT-5, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just saw your blog. . am researching colleges with riding. . .sounds great. . am looking into Del Val. thanks so much for the blog. . it is great and makes me want to do the same thing. . wish me luck. . I ride western but want to learn english

At Mon Jun 24, 02:19:00 AM GMT-5, Anonymous Bree Bites Food said...

Awesome bloog you have here


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