Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hosting Zones

Our Zone 3 horse show is approaching quickly and we have very little time and a whole lot to do!Delaware Valley College is hosting Zones this year so it is up to us to make sure that the facility is ready for all four regions to compete. There are 51 schools in our Zone so there will easily be 40 schools competing. The furthest school is traveling six hours from Buffalo NY!
There has been a lot of planning that has been taking place from figuring what horses to use and how many we need to bring in, to designing the jump courses to be difficult but also ride smoothly. The biggest obstacle that we have run into this year has been finding a landscaper to decorate our jumps...for FREE. Ha Ha yea so you can imagine that most companies aren't going to love that idea. It has quickly become my problem, four days before the show to find nurseries that will donate or lend plants to the school to help make our course presentable. Fortunately there are a few places in the area that were incredibly kind and let us use their plants for the day. We arrived at the barn at 10:00am and didn't leave until 9:05pm, so it was a very long day but
the place looks great, especially for having spent no money at all!!


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