Monday, January 28, 2008


Today we are on our way to one of the largest shows of the regular season hosted at Briarwood. Once we arrived we were informed that one of the most important people in IHSA was going to be at the show. Yes that's right Bob Cacchione! For those of you who don't recognize the name, without Bob Cacchione there would be no IHSA, he founded the association in 1967 with just two competing colleges. During the season Mr. Cacchione travels around the country to support all of the different regions and today he will be spending the day with us! So pressure is on to prove that we have what it takes to get to nationals!!

It was a long day and the competition was stiff but it ended with a little twist. At every horse show a high point rider award is given to the rider with the most points. Usually either one rider stands far above the others or there are two that "flip" for the title of high point rider. Today is a little different though, three of OUR riders have tied for the award. On a typical day they may flip a coin but not today, Bob Cacchione decided that a ride off between three DVC riders would be appropriate. Each rider rode a pattern one at a time. They were judged on accuracy and style. This pattern challenged their effectiveness along with their equitation. It was a tight competition but one rose above the rest and was awarded the title.

It was an extremely successful day, we ended up winning for the day which keeps us in the lead. Congratulations to our high points riders!!!