Sunday, October 07, 2007

Being on the "Other Side"

Finally it is about time for the IHSA season to begin, but as an officer this year there is a lot of work to be done before the first show. One of my jobs as co-captain is to assist the coach and the captain in evaluating incoming freshman to place them in the appropriate level. Watching all of the new riders just reminds me of how I felt those first weeks of school and how nervous I was as a new rider on the Del Val IHSA team. Even though I miss the excitement of not knowing what to expect it is relieving to be an "upper classman" and know the ropes. It is kinda fun to be the one answering the questions rather than asking them.

Since I am side by side with the coach and captain I really get a feel of what a coach looks for during a placement ride at a school with IHSA as a club sport. Since no cuts are made students are evaluated based on past show experience. The placement rides are just to ensure that the students are safe in the level that they are placed. SO the most important thing to remember is not to be nervous!!! When placement rides are held at a school the coaches and captains WANT you to be where the paper work puts you. They are not judging you or waiting for you to mess up, so if you are interested in joining a club IHSA team just relax and ride the best you can. Don't be afraid to have fun and enjoy yourself...remember riding is fun!!! Stay Tuned for the First show results!