Saturday, February 10, 2007

It's Show Time!

The alarm goes off at 4:30 am and surprisingly I am able to wake up easily. I am excited for the day ahead of me and I certainly do not want to be late. We are all told to meet by the bus by 5:30 sharp, and since this is my first show I am sure to be there by 5:15. I have been showing my entire life so it takes a lot to get me real psyched but I am really excited for my first IHSA show.There are only a few freshmen on the bus so most of the riders had been to a few shows and know what to expect. They tell a lot of stories but I cannot wait to get on a horse!
When we arrive there are a couple other schools already there so it is a bit crowded in the indoor. Our entire team crowded around our coach by the chain fence. Before the show starts all of the horses are ridden and warmed up, so this gives us all a chance to get an idea about what each horse is like. If you are unfamiliar with the way IHSA shows operate, all of the horses are warmed up by riders who are not showing. By random the captains and coaches pick horses for each student so you have no idea what horse you will be riding until the show actually starts. Most horse shows allow competitors to school before it is their turn to go into the ring, but not IHSA as they do their best to by keep the playing field level. Most of the riders study the horse description list which usually says something like "Brownie 13'2 chestnut, tends to be slow over fences, crop optional". These kinds of descriptions can help you figure out what the horse you may be riding is all about and an idea of what you are getting yourself into but you don't really know what you have until you ride.The horse draws are posted and EVERYONE runs to the board to see if they got the horse they want. I do not have a preference because I do not really know any of the horses.I overhear a few students hoping for a pinto named Skittles. I do not know which horse this is but I found myself hoping for her too because hey, if someone wants her she MUST be good! Well I guess it is just beginner's luck but I draw Skittles! Ha ha, I was happy even though I had never even seen her.Luckily our team captain, Emily, drew the same horse for a previous class (over fences), so I ask her about Skittles to try and learn her tricks before I jump. While Emily legs me up on Skittles I can barely hear what she has to say because my heart is pounding so loud. I did not think I would get this nervous but I guess my competitive side really is getting to me. In my next blog find out how I do.


At Sat Feb 10, 01:22:00 PM GMT-5, Blogger Erin said...

Ok, I'm waiting to see how you do. I rode IHSA for two years in college and it was great. I don't ever think we got descriptions of the horses though, so that is nice. Erin

At Sat Feb 10, 02:37:00 PM GMT-5, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved reading all your blogs. This IHSA sounds like its a lot of fun. Even though I miss you so much back at home, it sounds like you're doing great at college. You are such a dedicated and talented rider(and a great trainer), your my inspiration.
Keep it up. I hope I'll see you soon.
Ashley =)

At Mon Feb 12, 01:31:00 PM GMT-5, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds that you love what you are doing. I can not wait to find out how you did. Hopefully you did well.

At Mon Feb 12, 07:06:00 PM GMT-5, Blogger michele said...

How awesome to see a DVC equestrian team member blog! I'm a DVC alumni long ago you weren't even born yet.. I think we could fit the whole team into one crusty old white security van! Now you've got over 100 members and that is so like Del Val to include everyone. I loved DVC - really miss not being able to "go back" since I'm so far away now. Well, keep riding and having fun!

At Tue Feb 13, 02:05:00 PM GMT-5, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember seeing you and your horse Dancing Dame at the Equine Affaire and Horseworld Expos. You were really fun to watch. At was great to see a TB doing such a variety of things. she must be a great horse!


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